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10 Things that are Included with Original Medicare

Posted by April Torres
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10 Things that are Included with Original Medicare

The cost of healthcare, even preventive measures, can seem daunting to many of us. Luckily, Medicare offers a variety of preventive services to help you maintain your health and well-being.  Here are 10 things you may be able to access at no cost through Medicare.

Annual Wellness Visit. Medicare covers an annual wellness visit with your healthcare provider to assess your overall health, discuss preventive care, and create a personalized prevention plan.

Preventive Screenings. Medicare covers a range of preventive screenings, including mammograms, Pap smears, colonoscopies, and screenings for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. These screenings can help detect potential health issues early when they are most treatable.

Flu Shots. Medicare covers an annual flu shot to protect against seasonal influenza. Getting vaccinated is an important step in preventing the flu and its potentially serious complications.

Pneumococcal Vaccines. Medicare covers two pneumococcal vaccines—one for pneumonia and another for meningitis. These vaccines are especially important for older adults and individuals with certain medical conditions.

Tobacco Cessation Counseling. If you’re a smoker, Medicare covers counseling and interventions to help you quit tobacco use. Quitting smoking can significantly improve your health and reduce your risk of serious illnesses.

Annual Cardiovascular Screenings. Medicare covers annual screenings for cardiovascular disease, including cholesterol and lipid testing. These screenings can help identify risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

Diabetes Management. Medicare covers diabetes screenings, supplies, and self-management training for individuals with diabetes. Managing diabetes effectively is essential for preventing complications and maintaining overall health.

Bone Density Tests. Medicare covers bone density tests, also known as DEXA scans, for individuals at risk of osteoporosis or bone fractures. These tests help assess bone health and detect osteoporosis early.

Depression Screening. Medicare covers annual depression screenings for individuals at risk of depression or mood disorders. Early detection and treatment of depression can improve quality of life and prevent complications.

HIV Screening. Medicare covers HIV screenings for individuals at increased risk of HIV infection. Early detection and treatment of HIV are crucial for managing the virus and preventing transmission.

Take advantage of these preventive services to stay proactive about your health and well-being, maintain your health, and potentially prevent serious illnesses. Consult with your healthcare provider to schedule these services and ensure you’re taking full advantage of your Medicare plan.

April Torres
EnvisionCare Insurance Group //

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